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The Beta is the beginning of the Game that I had to rework because it was old and outdated.
The latest version is the whole game without the beginning.
The Halloween special is a standalone mini episode of the game.
And the free version is a shorter Version of the latest version.

I'm sorry for the confusion, but once I'm done with the rework there will only be one version. :) <3

What is the Awakening?
After two years you finally wake up from a coma which was caused by a car accident.

You are suffering from amnesia and you have not the slightest idea
in what kind of situation you are in. 
Go along the journey to find out who you truly are.
Don't forget that your choices will make an impact on the story as new updates come out.

The Awakening is a  game of fiction, not related to the real world at all. 
All characters in the game are of at least 18 years of age.

Join the discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/vn3yPvs
Get the latest version on Patreon: 

Tips are greatly appreciated too: 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(493 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, animated, Erotic, Fantasy, NSFW, nude, Romance, sex


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PC: TheAwakening-0.3.3-pc-compressed.zip 696 MB
MAC:TheAwakening-0.3.3-mac.zip 679 MB
ANDROID:awakening0.3.3.apk 916 MB
HalloweenSpecial-1.0-pc.zip 170 MB
HalloweenSpecial-1.0-mac.zip 136 MB
com.aw.hw-release.apk 154 MB

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Thought this was dead dead

Wdym thought, isn't it s till dead?


Updated  62 days ago

will 0.3.4 be on itch for free?

Is there going to be a Version 0.4?


Yes there is. Latest version is 0.4.0c, but only in Patreon

Hope we get that in itch soon.



How did you develop this game?

What engine, how did you make the models, etc?

I want to make my own games and this would help a ton!


Pretty sure its Daz3d models in the Unreal engine.

Hmmm I also think it's HoneySelect2

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Oof, you had the MC overreacting a bit to a store worker literally helping him. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the game.

Edit: Disappointed MC seems like a jerk in the Halloween special.


bruh slim your discord is cool an all but, i like that you put hard work into this story game, thank you for doing so much into an do like the changes, please please your admin have no right telling me not to @ you i said love you an care that you are feeling a lot better :3

Amazing game for real please tell me the next update is soon to be released 🤌🏻

it was updated about 18 hours ago


Where can I find it ??

Hey Slim, wondering if there will be a family patch in the future since it has landlady, roommate etc... in the newly released game? Tried looking at a well known mod patch website couldn't find it listed. Let me know if your gonna make one in the future or if a fan-made one will come out. Thanks


I would love that also but who knows :3

Prologue wont install

nice game ,,need more update soo


please don't beg! let them take time on their game alright. asking nicely like his discord had to tell me not at him, just being more nicer to you.


the game is alive!?

yeah the new update is supposed to come out later this month


If you have Android don't waste your money they changed the format and is no longer available


Where is 0.3.4?


september, according to the patreon

oh i thought this was a dead game since the last update was in 2019


wild porn never dies


its already out on patreon


i can't open the game

if you are trying to open the game from the itch app try renaming the cruncher bat so it is not executable anymore (like ...bat.bak)

when game update


After two years the publisher finally wake up from a coma which was caused by not updating on itch.io which made me really sad.


there will soon be a new free version on itch.io
-> when I get this new update done. probably next month

and yeah, I wasn't really active on itch.io I've been focusing on the game


Dude, you have an itch following and the game done need to be free.


Talk about unnecessarily entitled....


I am thinking about supporting you on patreon anyway once I reorganized my finances.

Love the game, wasn't updeated in a long time tho and I feared it might be on hold :)


unless im missing something when it asks if youve played the prologue the two dont seem to line up right? also is there not a way to change the relations ships in this like there was in the prologue? the whole landlady and roommate thing is overused imo and i would rather have it be something else than something so generic


it's a bit confusing right now because I'm adding the beginning of the game.

so the right order right now is playing the beta and then playing the latest version, there's still a small part missing of the beginning that I'm currently working on. probably releasing next month.

the game used to have a relationship input but I forced to remove that because it was breaking their TOS apparently. and at that time I just went with landlady and roommate.

the beta being the introduction that the latest version asked if I had played first?. And I can understand that. Is it possible to change what they are called in the files on our end or would that require a lot of work and potentially breaking the game?


well the beta is a rework of that introduction because that introduction was 4 years old. So I had to bring it up to today's standards.
it is possible to change the files, but I can't give you any instructions. My hands are tied on this.

ah okay will you be changing the in game link to go to the beta eventually then? And it's cool i understand why it's like what it is i was just curious if that was possible to change it on our end


Not really, I just need to get the final part of the beginning done and then there will only be one version and no confusion anymore


First time hearing voice acting, the animations were amazing. Sweet game, well done !


Harem Hotel has a 8GB file Size on the itch.io site why do they limit you to 1GB?

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cos pc's are for games, androids are for calling yr momma


When is 0.3.4?


have you join the discord?


Patreon says sometime towards the end of June


I cannot buy using Patreon, can you sell it here on Itch.io please

Deleted 141 days ago
Deleted 141 days ago

Downloaded the game but when i try to run it off the itch.io app it just never loads up

Deleted 134 days ago

Thank you!

Real heroes don't wear capes.

Unless you do then that's awesome! lol


Is this game dead?


The latest patreon post was on Nov. 23rd. It is a dev log and a statement about pausing patreon billing pause for Dec. The post before that was talking about some progress that was made in the coding and motion capture aspects of the game, and the mocap suit being delayed until Jan 2022. Its safe to assume the game is not dead, and is still being worked on.


I'm glad. It's a good game.

Deleted 134 days ago

Damn this game is awesome, I really like that it doesn't make you go through like a book of text to get to a sexy scene and tediously make you grind grind grind and grind some more and more.  to get what you want!

The sexy scenes are awesome, boobies and booty jiggle are so good! I wish I could support this game but I only use Debit gift cards and patreon doesn't support those.. 

Deleted 1 year ago

i love the game.

PC: TheAwakening-0.3.3-pc-compressed won't start from within itch. A command window opens up but that's it.

To start the game you need to execute TheAwakening.exe directly in your Windows explorer

It gets like this

You need to enable apps from unknown sources in your security setting.

I can't download anything, it gets forbidden after a while. Do you know the solution of it?


The hidden halloween ending was quite a bit darker than I would have expected...


Any hint how to unlock the hidden ending? I just get the message, that "I missed anything"...


When MC is looking at the last candy in the jar saying "oh, it seems there's even one left" click on it.

No idea if there is some other "good" hidden ending.  There doesn't seem to be any "missed anything" suggestion that there is more.

BRUH! I didn't know there was a hidden ending, just played it after reading this comment. HOLY CRAP! That was nuts haha

is there a none compressed version for download ???


Added a Halloween Special Episode to the download list, enjoy :)
I will also update the game here with the next update

King shit  👑


The info on the Patreon page should really be on here, so people can get more interested and informed on here rather than having to go through the hassle of going to the Patreon page and back to here. It would save time.

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Man, the android version is broken. The game doesn't actually open up, it stays on the standard ren'py loading screen then crashes after a minute or so. But of course, as everything else, the dev(s) won't care, so I am not expecting anything. There are great, respectable devs then there are guys like them. Just gotta know who's who, I think.


He has a 0.4 update on his patreon, y'all need to chill.


OK, hadnt got far into this version, so i start pay and download that one then :)


This game never developed I think It was already dropped 


this game is a goner...

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Why its so late for new update? 

Just curious :0

Hint says that I have to click on the chair to continue Klara's story line but when I click the chair nothing happen!!.. Also for landlady story she is not in her room so how can I ask her to go shopping? I have done all other girls stories. Please help

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