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What is "The Awakening"?

Picture this: after two long years in a coma caused by a terrible car accident, you finally open your eyes. You quickly realize that you suffer from amnesia and have no recollection of your past or your current situation.

Embark on a journey to discover your true identity, make choices that will impact the story, and unlock the secrets of your past. But be careful, your choices can change the course of the game with new updates coming out regularly.

The Awakening is a  game of fiction, not related to the real world at all. 
All characters in the game are of at least 18 years of age.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(1,003 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, animated, Erotic, Fantasy, incest, NSFW, nude, Romance


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Awakening - PC - 0.4.4a 3 GB
if you pay $5 USD or more
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Awakening - Mac - 0.4.4a 3 GB
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I would like to ask how do you unlock the last fairy scene for the paid version?


the paid game won't start for me, I have this issue with other itch.io games as well, but the free one does start


when will there be more content for ftp?


can play this on xbox one


dawg wha


will it become free over time or is this a demo data? I sadly can't just get everything.


I miss 2 secrets. 

3rd row 1st one ( so 9nth pic)

7th row last one. ( 28th one )

any captain ?


I really hope the character reference handling improves from "Oh, hi, Mom (Abby). I didn't hear you come in."  The game's pretty impressive otherwise so far, but every time those parentheses show up in a sentence is like nails on a chalkboard.  They look out of place at the top of the dialogue box too, but it's particularly egregious in character speech.


Seconded. would be nice to turn off in the options or something. I assume its to prevent confusion when non PCs talk to each other, but other games just fix that by writing the dialogue with that in mind instead of relying on macros to fill in every name slot in every conversation.

I'll be tertiary in this comment. I could only handle it for a few minutes before I decided to shelve this IP until it is changed.


Trash AVN/H-Game.  You've essentially made the MC a rapist.  Absolute fucking garbage.  Seek mental help.


ikr, and in GTA we are a fucking serial killer. We live in a world...


man I really love this game. The visuals and story are amazing! The only thing that bothers me is the mom constantly saying "Tennant" instead of "Son". Kinda kills the mood a bit but over all 10/10 game and don't regret purchasing it. Looking forward to future updates! :)


NO VOICE on download to windows. It was working on the free version, paid not working. RPA files look okay under game folder.

What is the fix after , reinstalling and restart???


Quepor  no me deja hablar con nadie ya se acabo


if i buy do i gwt permanent access to future updates? or is it a buy per update kind of thing?


yes you get permanent access to future updates


Hello there.

Is NTR part of the game? Hopefully it is 

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hey i am at a standstill in the game i have paid version i just got done with the gym and all girls on phone hints say upcoming and i cant seem to advance anymore have i reached the end end of content? and if so when is next release? 

the strange thing is in the gallery im seeing tons of scenes i have not seen in my playthrough.. im confused


That... Drastic model change mid playthrough in the early hours of the game, between the mother and daughter( or whatever relationship you wrote) you live with was legit overly jarring. The sudden voices were one thing, but changing the visuals like that feels quite distasteful. Other than that I do appreciate this games vibe and story (minus being an idiot and tapping on the stall 3x moment)

I look forward to future story content


What is the difference between paid and free versions

The Free Version cuts off after a certain point, think of it like an extended demo

I can't find last two hidden item for gallery image I have checked and rechecked every single corner of game but I couldn't find . Does anyone know ? And also in the upper last image there a image by written happy easter what does that mean . Is this image actual in the game or its only a image 


I don't want to spoil the game for anyone but perhaps just rethink your choices when you first meet Linda and trust the force, Luke!

Oh and if Dev sees this comment, kudos for that! 馃槈馃憦馃憦


I remember playing this many years ago. It wasn't exactly uhm... Well it's improved immensely, and I'm happy you not only stuck with it, but improved on it this much as well. I found it had real potential, and good ideas. Now it reads and looks really good and is a game to be proud of. 

Keep up the good work


I donated $5 in total but I didn't get access to the newest version



Can anybody help, why it is when i go to the peer with Juliet and she goes behind the door after air hockey, i can only choose to ditch her, not follow her. I remember i could that the first time i played, anyone got a hit what i do wrong?
Bonus info, it does not matter in what order i do her "quest" e.g as the first, last or along with the others


That's where the free version ends for her arc

ohh, then it most have changed. Because the first time i played i could follow her in... Well just gotta pay for it then. Thanks for the reply


harem or multiple solo route Lis? pregnancy?

I just bought the full version started up the game but I don鈥檛 hear any voice acting when the nurse or doctor is speaking.  Does anyone have a fix for that ? 

Voice acting gets automatically enabled later in the story. Just keep playing and the game should enable it automatically. Also, can you please let me know if after like playing  through around 1-2hrs of the story, does the game's graphics change? I have the free version and my graphics really look bad now (they were fine earlier). I just wanna confirm it in the paid version. Thanks

Yes it does seem like the graphics change.  The face of at least the younger "room mate" / Best friend seems to look a bit different.  That is how I noticed it changed some.  I seem to be caught in a loop of nothing to do.  Gonna go back and replay the game and see if I missed something.

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I can't find last two hidden item for gallery image I have checked and rechecked every single corner of game but I couldn't find . Does anyone know ? And also in the upper two  images there a image by written happy easter what does that mean . Is this image actual in the game or its only a image 


I鈥檓 trying to transfer my saves from PC to android, but apparently the latest version on Android has blocked access to the /android/data folder again. I鈥檝e noticed more Ren鈥檖y games making folders in the Documents folder like Eternum, Pale Carnations, and Being a Dik. Is that a change/update that could be made?

I switch playing these type of games from my phone to PC often, so like to be able to sync my save files.

Anyway, great game and fantastic animations.

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Amazing game but the graphics changed mid-gameplay and the game looks really bad now. Is this only the case for the free version of the game?

Abby refers to me as "Tenant" any way to change that?

In the settings you can change your relationship with her

Am i missing something here? Was thr public release done already or only the paid version?

Where are the h scenes sound


Does anyone know why Dr. Preston, and Nurse Juliet aren't showing up on the contacts list?


after i got the paid version, they showed up, but they didn't in the free version. i think that was a bug that got fixed in the later patches.

Did the game change its graphics mid-gameplay? Like does the game look worse than how it looked at the beginning? I have the free version and my game looks really bad compared to before.


Mb i am dumb, but where the Christmas Special is on the game?

Living room left side christmas tree


I apologize if this question has been asked before but what does corruption do exactly?

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Hey, I bought the game for 5$ but every time I try to install it I get an error massege that the download failed. Is ther any way to fix this?

P.S. I can install the free version perfectly fine.


hi i had the same problem and undownloading all the game files and the free version and redownloading the paid version it should work

Thanks for the quick reply. Im trying to download it right now and everything should be uninstalled...

delete the old one I had same problem. Delete old, download new . Have to start over but worth it


I'm playing this and you made the sleep sex scene way to real the reaction almost made me cry good for you I know the game is fake, but it made me regret it.


Hello guys i have a problem, when trying to install the game, i get the message that there is a conflict with the packeta of the game, and it doesnt let me update it

I did too, on most u have to get to a certain save point but never saw one in this game

I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling.  Could not find way around it.

That would suck having to start completely over after paying twice already 

i paid 1x; and then just skipped thru the content until the twins. some new things were also added but the main was the twins. i was hoping more with Margaret, Abby and Victoria, but will need to wait. 

The voice acting isn't exactly good, but it didn't really bother me until I met Mao and Nao, or should I say May-o and Nay-o? At least Linda's lines seem to be all right so far, especially when she's trying to be a cutesy maid.

Speaking of voice acting, there's a couple weird spots in the Juliet date on the pier. One where the fairy speaks a line from a previous scene that doesn't match what's on the screen, and one where Juliet says one of the MC's lines instead of her own. 

ohh, ok I will take a look at it. thank you :)

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So, I'm a little confused here. I "payed" - donated for the initial download. Now I see a post for 0.4.4.a but my download options still show April 2023. Seriously, I do not mind paying more (You honestly deserve more) but I just want to know if there is a new version or not.

awesome, thanks for no answer.

I thought the same thing. Click the download button at the top of the game screen and it will let you download the new update without the fee.

Thank you!!!!

I rarely check the comments here, sorry.
I'm glad you found the files :)

I actually had to upgrade I think so it is probably my fault. Either way, I don't care. You deserve a few more dollars sent your way - the game is great. Thanks for the reply though.

I Was trying to purchase the new updated version of,'The Awakening ' , I had just received the update via my Gmail inbox about you guys releasing the new updat so I was more than stoked to purchase the new updated version. So I did,or so I thought that I did... and I just realized right now that I purchased the free version of ,'The Awakening',which is the version of the game I already have...

NOW,I do not ask for pity just for you to understand where I am coming from.. I'm a fan of this game;your work. 

So,is there anyway that I can get some type of refund or some type of reduced price on the version of the game I was actually trying to purchase here.? Please and thank you


I'm not a dev, but i'm just curious on how you spent money on this and then didn't get the game? it's 5USD to purchase, so you spent less than that? the price is usually automatic with things like this too so you edited it to be lower than the price for the full version then was disappointed when you didn't get it? 

the reason it allows you to pay less than the price it costs for the full version is to give donations, which is what you unintentionally did. it's kind of on you and you can't really expect the devs to do something about that, unless i've missed something and you did pay the proper price, in that case it's an issue with itch.io not the game itself as it should automatically give you the game upon purchasing of it.

Yo imma pay for the game regardless of anything, my fault or not. Don't go making it any bigger than what it is! You're not Developer/Creator  of the game. So with that as a fact, I'm not going to get into a detailed explanation of how I followed the link to purchase the update...

My apologies to the Developer for this, honestly..  THE AWAKENING is great game,I know I had an issue with my purchase,but that is my fault for just clicking, 'PURCHASE with PAYPAL', without reading beforehand. Regardless, Love the game, I hope you accept my $2 donation  as that, big fan of your work! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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My apologies to the Developer for this, honestly.. THE AWAKENING is a great game,I know I had an issue with my purchase,but that is my fault for just clicking, 'PURCHASE with PAYPAL', without reading beforehand. Regardless, I 

Love the game, I hope you accept my $2 donation as that, big fan of your work! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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