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Does anyone know what the printer is for or did I miss something?


Guys, just look at this hentai game! It's 3D and the graphics is mind-blowing!

You can check for yourself, CLICK

Im using an there a keyboard that works??

Sadly I can't play at all,my devices keep saying failed to install.... I'm pretty sure everything is just fine tho...


I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this video game, and that I appreciate all the effort that you are putting into making it. I hope life treats you well, that you are doing well, and that you keep doing what you enjoy. P.S. It is a video game right?

how do you enable the character voices? can anyone help me on this?

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There are no voices in ver. 2b, at least there weren't when I played. Currently there's a post on Patreon that says "Voice overs are in the making". Hope that helped.

EDIT: You may only be able to get voices if you pledge $5 on Patreon, I don't know I haven't pledged. Personally I don't like voices, they never match what I imagine in my head. Plus aren't you going to be playing this in the dark, alone, at home, the less sound the better I say.

Only one suggestion, maybe a hide ui button for the text box, got in the way in some scenes, otherwise great work keep it up.

you can do that, press H

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btw, i love the voices work, very good job! greetings from Argentina

Hey bro! nice game, good story, better graphics, congratulations. i want to ask you when is going to be available 0.4 version? thanks, see you later!

hello how can i launch the game please?


How do I download it?

Hi, I changed this to a comment section. I think it's easier to read people's thoughts and question and everything else.
Also, I'll be releasing a new version on patreon at the end of this month.
It will later be added to

Hi Sir,

My name is Danny and I have been following your three Renpy tutorials, as they are the most clear and the best out there for beginners, in my humble opinion. I am going to join your patreon this coming month, and I really look forward to interacting with you.  I love your work and hope to see lots more of your sensual games in the future.

thank you, the easiest way to talk to me is on discord :)

where is the public relase?????

it would come on septemer 10th