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The info on the Patreon page should really be on here, so people can get more interested and informed on here rather than having to go through the hassle of going to the Patreon page and back to here. It would save time.

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Man, the android version is broken. The game doesn't actually open up, it stays on the standard ren'py loading screen then crashes after a minute or so. But of course, as everything else, the dev(s) won't care, so I am not expecting anything. There are great, respectable devs then there are guys like them. Just gotta know who's who, I think.


He has a 0.4 update on his patreon, y'all need to chill.


OK, hadnt got far into this version, so i start pay and download that one then :)

This game never developed I think It was already dropped 

this game is a goner...

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Why its so late for new update? 

Just curious :0

Hint says that I have to click on the chair to continue Klara's story line but when I click the chair nothing happen!!.. Also for landlady story she is not in her room so how can I ask her to go shopping? I have done all other girls stories. Please help

Any chance of a public update soon?

Probably on the 31st of Nevertember

sounds good!!


Hier geht's zum Update

When will the new release of 4.0 be out? 

In short, when will 4.1 be out??

where is the patch that changes landlady to mom and roomate to sister? you could change this in the prologue but not in the later releases? any ideas? kind of looks stupid with landlady and roomate....


wow. thats the worst when ppl make a taboo game but they're fuckin too retarded to use the name for someone we've already given her in our heads. then you read it and it ruins the whole game. So thank you for pointing this out, I know what game i WONT be playing. shame, looked good too


I agree its jarring, but its because most platforms have strict rules forbidding anything to do with incest. If they get caught then they get kicked off the site and can earn no more money.

True but I dont think itch really cares, Lessons in Love is really popular and you fuck your 14 year old neice in that game sooo

Sometimes they care and sometimes they dont, Ive certainly come across posts within the last couple of months indicating that different creators have had files removed from mega download, been kicked off Patreon, been contacted by Patreon staff and asked to change game content to comply with the rules etc. So I have no doubt that its a real risk, even if every infraction isnt punished immediately.

If its your only form of income then how willing would you be to risk it?


Since when the niece (whatever her name was, been a long time since I last played) is 14? You're either missinformed or retarded, and honestly I don't know which one is worse.

Says multiple times through the game the girls are in their first year of highschool. There are 4 years in highschool, people graduate at 18. Are you able to do 18-4 by yourself or do you need help with that too?

You really gave up that easy and called me retarded? Lmao, the kettle calling the pot black


Where can I download the prologue part of the game from?

Someone please help

Whenever you start a new game you will be asked if you played the prologue, then you can decide to download the prologue.

I'm stuck on the same thing, I wanted to play the prologue, however whenever I would click on the download prologue button it would try to take me to their patreon, HOWEVER, it would continuously load and I can't get anything to happen. Not sure if there is a different way to find and download it. Would love the help


Im a little bit stuck on jenny's storyline. It says to ask her to go shopping and that she should be in her room and shes not and i cant progress. Same is with Klara i cant click the chair to study as the hint says.

Same here 

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I wanted to comment on this game play. The animations are really really nice. Better than most games I played. I love the character voices. It really adds to the story.  I hope I get to hook up with the twins. That would be hott.

Thank You. I can't wait for 4.0

I love this game. Just finished 3.5. Super excited for 4.0. When will we be seeing the next update for public release? So much left to the story. 

you can find the latest update on have fun!

That link didn't help much... It's better to just go to the Patreon page were it gets updates regularly


i think this game is dead.

the latest update is just not on yet. check out comment above.

would like it if was updated on here

The concept of the game is cool, like having amnesia and the fact that you now have to deal with the world without knowing exactly your true identity, the characters design are great the women look gorgeous (even if the private parts look exaclty the same for all of them). The one thing i dont like is the fact that if the main character mess up the fairy is there to correct things that takes somes fun out of it, its more fun and rewarding when you get everything on your own and if you mess up you have to deal with the consequenses. And as a player i think you should be able to make more dialogue choises and with each choises diffrent outcomes. I know this is not that type of game but it would be fun if  you had some kind of character developmnet like going to the gym and getting in shappe, learning how to seduce, those kind of stuff.


Good news...(?)!

I've checked out the patreon's page and 0.3.5 is publicly released! check the page out!

Last update was 20 months ago ... that doesn't bode well.


he has a discord where he posts updates from what i know 3.4 is already out 

3.5 is out now

Awesome game! Loving it so far! Can't wait for the next update!


Update, when!?


BM update?



yare yare

Great question! I like BM more.


Good job, very enjoyable.  I’ll second the comment I’ve seen from others, I’m more than willing to pay on a per download basis but am not willing to subscribe to a monthly fee unless I’m sure the story will be finished and know about when that will be.  I’m not sure if you have that option but if you do please make it available.


Se puede cambiar de idioma al español?

The problem for me with pathreon is that you pay the creators a certain amout per month, but they might not even finish the games, like it already happened before with other games.So if i'm paying i need to be sure that i'll get the full package.

this is what many do.

look at patreon and donate just enought to get the game, a moth pass cancel then wait for updates the pay the minum  repeat

Is that the entire game or is there more to come? I'm just asking because the previous update was released back in 2019.


the game is still in dev... newer versions is available if you are a patreon member. So, the current version here may or may not be the final version for free users.. so yeah


what are the fetishes you have/ will include?

Is this vaporware?  Asking for a friend.. 

Isit normal das no musik no noise , totale silence is?

Sorry is all okay was a Load Mistake

Fu**ing Patreon, is this on Subscribestar ?  Patreon is in Dublin so a lot of banks bock payments...including mine.

How do i make is so i can see the prologue? whenever i click the link it always leads to the same download


Wish the latest update was free

check patreon 


So that's it huh. No more updates.


What's with that prologue thing? It just links to the same apk again.


They're actually different files just down load it and relabel the new one "Prologue", at least that's what i did

Hey guys!! How do I know I got the most recent version? and How can I notice that there is a new update if I become a patron?

You will receive an Email telling you that SLim has posted it on Patreon.


Totally loved it , can't wait for the updated version

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