Chapter 3 is out now for the public!

Hey, Chapter 3 part 1 is out now to play.


 -250 renders
-voice line for roommate & landlord
-3 animations -phone (still needs more content, will be worked on!)
-added gallery at title menu -> click the orange poster (you might have to replay to unlock the scenes)

Keep in mind:
-this is part 1, so there is more to come.
-if the voice over is aprecciated I will look for more actresses
-toon switch is currently disabled  

Files 506 MB
Jun 21, 2018 489 MB
Jun 21, 2018
TheAwakening-2.0-release.apk 513 MB
Jun 21, 2018

Get The Awakening (NSFW 18+) 0.3.3


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That's weird, I cannot find the landlady to ask for money from to advance the coffee shop plot. Wasn't there a post office game where I could learn money for things like the printer, etc?

yup, it is the mail, you can gou there to ask for work

I did try that. It was after the mail delivery but still, you couldn't choose the post office on the map.

uhmmm ... why i can't download any chapter just it keeps getting me to 0.2b i don't want 0.2 i want chapter 1 and 2 and 3 ugggghhhh

Man didn't say thanks to the bus driver

No download link for Chapter 3 :(

ehm.. there is a link. I updated it 9 days ago

Ok it's just labeled "Chapter 2."

ah ok, weird


uhm mr or mrs or ... okay i don't know what to call u with but where is the link for 0.3??